Homeopathic HCG Drops for a Natural Approach to Weight Loss

Each year, people spend hundreds of dollars searching for the right product that can help them to achieve their weight loss goals. But even after all the money is spent and every fad diet has been tried, it’s common for people to end up weighing even more than when they first started. If you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom in your struggle to lose weight, you’re not alone.

If you’re searching for an effective, safe way to lose stubborn fat, the homeopathic HCG drops may be the right kind of tool that can finally lead you to weight loss success.

The Body You’ve Always Wanted

In just a matter of weeks, you can expect to burn stubborn fat deposits, lose weight, drop inches, and still retain precious muscle tissue. By following an HCG diet program you’ll experience increased energy levels, improve your eating habits, and most importantly, gain back your self-confidence.

These homeopathic drops have gained a lot of well-deserved respect because of the holistic natural approach and the many benefits it can provide.

HCG is a type of hormone that’s found in both men and women. This hormone can produce a wide range of weight loss related effects. When taken in low doses, these drops encourage the body to burn stubborn fat deposits.

Should I Buy HCG Drops Online?

Just because you can easily buy HCG drops doesn’t mean that each product is created equal. In fact, potency tends to vary from brand to brand. While it’s considered safe to buy HCG drops online, it’s still wise to do product research. Only purchase these drops from reputable manufacturers with a reputation for prescription grade HCG. Currently, Triumph HCG drops are the leading drops on the market. These potent drops are said to have the same effects as prescription HCG treatments, but they’re available for only a fraction of the price.

A Safer Weight Loss Alternative

Homeopathic drops contain a powerful mixture of essential amino acids and herbs that when combined work together to synergistically throw the body into around the clock fat burning mode. This type of formula is designed to stimulate hormone production.

Homeopathic and Prescription HCG

It’s more a matter of personal preference which type of drops you use. You’ll have a choice of homeopathic, prescription, or hormone-free drops. Each type has their own disadvantages and advantages. If you have more than fifty pounds to lose, many doctors recommend prescription HCG, if you have less than twenty-five pounds to lose hormone-free or homeopathic drops may be the best option.

So, what’s the difference between homeopathic HCG and prescription HCG? Prescription forms of HCG feature a more concentrated HCG formula, but that doesn’t make it better. In fact, the results are quite similar. Some people will do better with prescription drops while others will do better with the homeopathic drops.

Important Ingredients to Look For

Prescription HCG

Most homeopathic drops contain diluted HCG. For the best results buy drops that incorporate additional fat burning ingredients. Here are some ingredients to look for:

B12: When it comes to weight loss, vitamin B12 is a master. It can increase red blood cell production, while naturally boosting energy, mood, and mental clarity. This vitamin also plays an important role in serotonin production. HCG drops that contain high levels of B12 can naturally help to prevent overeating and reduce cravings.

Ornithine: An important amino acid, it works to improve liver function. When it comes to fat metabolism, healthy liver function is essential.

Beta-alanine: This nutrient protects against muscle tissue deterioration. It works by buffering muscle tissue, increasing its endurance. When added to HCG drops, beta-alanine will push the body into using fat stores for energy instead of muscle tissue.

L-glutamic acid: This non-essential amino acid helps to synthesize L-glutamine, promoting an increase in lean muscle mass, and hormonal balance.

L-leucine: Another amino acid that helps the body to focus on burning stored fat, this is one amino acid you want to add to any weight loss program. The fact that many leading brands of homeopathic drops contain L-leucine is just proof that it’s very effective. It also plays a major role in metabolism support, enhancing protein synthesis.

Maca: This herb can reduce stress levels when chemical and physical changes in the body occur.

Rhodiola: This herbal extract reduces cortisol levels, which can prevent belly fat and an increase in appetite.

Astragalus: Another herbal extract found in leading brands of HCG drops, astragalus helps to normalize insulin levels and can throw the body into fat burning mode.

American ginseng: This plant extract helps to normalize body chemistry and function, increasing stamina, minimizing fatigue, lowering blood glucose levels, while naturally detoxifying the body.

Bladderwrack: This is a type of seaweed that’s used in HCG drops because it features impressive anti-inflammatory properties that can counteract bad carb and protein combinations. It can also restore a hormonal balance that will help increase energy and stamina.

Mag Phos: These phosphates are responsible for energy transportation, which has a direct impact on your athletic performance. It also helps to prime the body for nutrient absorption for more effective treatment.

Nat Pho: This PH balancer regulates gut health, removes excess sugar from the blood, and eliminates acid deposits. Minimizing the acidity level also helps to improve nutrient absorption, making HCG treatment more effective.

When to Use Homeopathic Drops

If you have major weight loss goals, HCG drops can help you meet these goals much easier than diet and exercise alone. Of course, during the course of treatment, you’ll need to follow the HCG diet plan, which is a strict diet that reduces your daily caloric intake to just five hundred calories a day during the second phase of the diet program. The program itself consists of four phases. You can click here to read our ultimate guide on the HCG diet plan.

To lose weight you must follow the diet program and consistently take the recommended dosage of HCG drops three times daily.

Why HCG Works

HCG works the most effectively for people who have a great deal of weight to lose. This has a lot to do with leptin and the body’s reaction to decreased fat stores. When the body begins to burn fat for energy, the resulting weight loss causes a chain reaction that can affect hormone levels and other processes in the body. Leptin is a type of hormone that’s created in fat cells. It signals the hypothalamus gland to burn fat. People who are severely overweight have high levels of lepton, signaling the hypothalamus gland to burn fat. For people that have a smaller amount of fat stored in their body, leptin signals the body to not burn high levels of fat. The metabolic boosters found in HCG drops have proven to be effective in preventing this process from inhibiting weight loss. The added powerful components including vitamin B12 and L-arginine provide the body with much-needed nutrients while also encouraging the body to burn stored fat for energy.

If you’ve dieted in the past, then you know that losing the last five or ten pounds is often the toughest part of any diet. These drops can provide the body with the perfect amount of nutrients to help you combat fat for the long-term, while also helping you to regain that confidence you’ve lost.