HCG Pills: How to Finally Beat Weight Gain

Learning about the HCG diet is exciting. It gives those of us who are constantly battling weight gain some hope that there’s finally a diet program and treatment option out there that really works and one that offers faster than average results. So, if you’ve decided to try this weight loss program, your next step is deciding how you want to take your daily dose of HCG. This hormone comes in a variety of forms from HCG injections to HCG pills, and HCG drops. Choosing which method works the best can be tricky for beginners. Some feel it’s a matter of preference, while others argue that certain forms of HCG are more effective than others.

The most popular options among dieters are the HCG pellets and the HCG drops.

Here, we’ll learn more about HCG tablets and help you to determine which form of this powerful weight loss hormone will help you to meet your weight loss goals.

What are HCG Tablets?

HCG diet pills consist of capsicum annum, fucus vesiculosus, vitamin B, amino acids, and the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone. This product is used to aid in weight loss, boost energy, and suppress appetite.

Using these pellets correctly involves placing them under the tongue and holding them there until they have fully dissolved. While taking these pills, you’ll also be following the HCG diet plan. This diet plan involves four phases total, a large portion of which will only allow you to consume up to five hundred calories a day. But if you follow the HCG dosing instructions and diet correctly, many people claim that you won’t experience irritability or the type of cravings that are commonly experienced with most low-calorie diets. If you’d like to learn more about the HCG diet plan, click here.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

The answer to this question will depend on how closely you follow both the diet plan and dosing instructions, but other factors will also come into play such as your current weight, age, and gender.

Like with any other type of diet, the more you weigh, the more you’ll lose in the beginning. Individuals who are more than twenty to thirty pounds overweight can drop as much as ten to twelve pounds during the second phase of the program, just by following the diet and taking the HCG tablets. Add exercise into the mix and you can expect even better results.

If you’re only trying to lose five to ten pounds, you can expect to lose three to eight pounds during the second phase of the program.

Again, you can only expect these types of results if you closely follow both the dosing instructions and the diet plan.

Why HCG Drops Beat HCG in Pill Form

Choosing between drops and pellets can be a tough one. The pellets are often used as an alternative to injections and drops because you don’t have to worry about measuring your dosage, just pop a few and off you go. They’re said to work the same as other methods, but with a little digging, we found that a common complaint about this form of HCG is the fact that many brands of these pellets don’t dissolve all the way. Others complained that while they initially taste sweet, they quickly become bitter, making it difficult to hold the pill under the tongue until it’s completely dissolved.

Injections are not an option for people who can’t stand needles or dread the idea of getting a shot on a daily basis.

We’ve found that HCG drops are the best option because they’re just as convenient to use as the pills, but you don’t have to deal with a bitter aftertaste or pills that have trouble dissolving.


Most HCG pellet manufacturers sell packages of three hundred and sixty pellets. All you have to do is take three pellets, place them under your tongue and wait for them to dissolve. You’ll do this three times a day, usually half an hour before you eat.

If you want to lose around ten to twenty pounds, the recommended length of treatment is forty days.

Potential Side Effects

There are some potential side effects that come with following this weight loss treatment plan, including the following:

  • Constipation
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Upset stomach
  • Muscle weakness

Many researchers are skeptical in regard to these known side effects because it’s hard to determine if they’re caused by the drastic change in diet or the HCG itself. If you have any type of hormonal imbalance or any other type of health condition, such as diabetes, or high blood pressure, we recommend consulting your primary doctor before you begin treatment.

How to Use

Using this type of product is pretty straightforward. It quickly absorbs under the tongue and has a sweet taste, since glycerin is used to preserve the pellets. However, as the first layer of the pill is dissolved it can leave behind a chalky, bitter aftertaste.

Unlike with HCG injections heat does not have any effect on the potency of pellet form HCG, so you won’t have to worry about storing it in a cold, dark place.

Research has shown that as a molecule, HCG is too large for the body to easily absorb, but HCG cannot survive after being exposed to stomach acid, which is why it’s important to not swallow the pellet but instead carefully hold it in place under the tongue until it has completely dissolved.


Weight Gain with HCG

These diet pills are easy to use, effective, and safe. You don’t have to worry about measuring out a dosage for an injection or counting drops, just take three pills three times a day.

While you’re on the HCG diet plan, these pellets will help to curb your appetite, keep you feeling energized and they can help to improve mental focus.

Unlike a traditional diet, the pellets and diet plan can help you to shed weight faster. The four-phase program can be very limiting in the beginning, but you’ll soon be able to add in more types of foods, which will help you to continue to lose more weight or help you to maintain your new weight.

If you finish with a round of treatment and end up gaining the weight back, you can do another round. Many men and women do a short weight maintenance round of treatment for a period of three weeks every two to three months. This can really help to prevent gaining back those twenty pounds you worked so hard to lose.

Winning Your Fight Against Weight Gain with HCG

To sum it up, HCG gives you the upper hand during a diet. On a traditional low-calorie diet, the main reason people tend to fall off the low-calorie wagon is cravings. Other symptoms that come with following a low cal or low carb diet include fatigue, depression, and irritability. This is where HCG truly shines. While it isn’t a magic pill and you will still have to follow a strict diet in order to lose weight, HCG succeeds where common diets fail. It helps to reduce hunger and boosts energy. While we can’t say you won’t find yourself struggling with a craving for your favorite ice cream from time to time, HCG pills can help you through it. The fact that these pills promote rapid weight loss will only work to further motivate you to stick to the strict diet.